Can anyone here help me w/ applying styles?

First of all, a thank-you to Keith for creating such a useful and impressive app.

As for my question, do any of the extremely knowledgable folks on this forum know of a way to assign keyboard shortcuts to the application of Text Styles? I use paragraph indentation a lot, so have set up several Favourite Styles for different levels of indentation. Rather than go to the Styles menu each time I want to change indentation, I would like to set up keyboard shortcuts to apply each of these styles. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks. Edmo.

PS - If this is possible through SystemPreferences>Keyboard&Mouse>KeyboardShortcuts, could someone please tell me exactly what to enter when asked for the “Menu Title (Enter the exact name of the menu command you want to add” For instance, what do I type here if I want to apply a favourite style named ‘Sandwich’?

PPS - If I am missing something altogether more basic, like a key/keycombo that indents (i.e. like the tab key, tabs) please feel free to embarass me publicly and let me know!

Text indent is one area where Apple’s Ruler falls horribly short. Applying shortcuts to it through system preferences is another area. :slight_smile: As far as I know, you are out of luck. There are a few Cocoa based applications that offer indent, such as VoodooPad, but I am fairly certain they are additions to the text format system, not accessing something that Apple has hidden.

I have always found the application of Ruler Styles, in general, to be the weakest aspect of it. There might be some third party application that can do this, and I know there are a few on the board who use such things – so perhaps one of them will have some further insight.


I seem to be one of the rare people who actually use SystemPreferences>Keyboard&Mouse>KeyboardShortcuts for text styles; but it works just fine for me. If you want add a ShortCut to your “Sandwich” style just tell the KeyboardShortcuts pane to look for the Menu Title “Sandwich” and give it a shortcut. Some combinations don’t work (I use Fkeys and Options), so you may have to experiment, and make sure you don’t use a style name that conflicts with another menu (e.g. Bold, Outline etc). Finally, don’t forget to restart your cocoa apps after creating the Key. As long as you select “Include Ruler In Style” when you create your style, you should be able to apply your indents with one keystroke.

That’s it.



Maria Sensei,

Good to see the sudent can sometimes teach the master. :slight_smile: By the way, Cocoa Keys also work with Scrivener’s Built in Mode (Screenplay etc) styles.


Amber, Maria, and Eiron - thank you all for your help, and Eiron, thanks heaps for your solution. Not only have you helped me use indentation in my documents, you’ve also helped me figure out how to use that Menu Title box when assigning keyboard shortcuts. Yee-haa.

Sincerely, Edmo.

PS - AmberV - By any chance is the thumbnail picture that appears beneath your name on your posts one of a surfer duck-diving a wave?

You’re very welcome Edmo. 8)

Ha, that is funny on so many levels, some quite dark. That is me in pig-tails standing in the shadow, next to a beam of light at what was the tropical exhibit in the New Orleans Aquarium. I was there half a year before it was destroyed in the hurricane, so it has sentimental value (having spent much time in that city as a child). Ducking a wave, indeed!

Another thing we have in common locationally. I lived in New Orleans for about 7 years, as a young adult, though, not a child. I even used to work at Audubon Zoo, which of course, unlike the aquarium, survived Katrina just fine.

Yes, I too have used system keyboard short cuts for styles. Although I find sometimes I lose them and have to go in a reset them. Not sure why. There must be a reason besides pissing off the computer in some way and it getting back at me, which is sometimes how it seems!