Can be use Scrivener for e-books in business projects?

Hi everyone, I’m new in this forum And recently I got to know this software. I work as a writer in an e-book and audiobook production company Fidibo. To write a review of the books and a summary of the story, I need an application to quotes, comment, and so on. One of my friends introduced me to this software, but after research, I realized that this software is not suitable for work projects, is there any way I can use this software to write? Or, if it does not exist, can you hope to be added to the next version?

Explain what you mean

I want to Use Scrivener to handle big writing projects for e-books and organize all my writing

Scrivener is built for writing books, which you must surely have understood.
So what is it really you wonder about? More specifically?

What features are you looking for that you can’t find? Scrivener routinely handles projects well into hundreds of thousands of words.

Also, have you looked at the Tutorial, available from the Help menu?