Can Binder Folder Names be Bold?

Is there a way to make binder folder names bold while keeping the file names normal? I only seem to be able to bold everything or nothing.

I apologize if this is covered somewhere and I’m just not seeing it.


That’s a good idea. :slight_smile: Not yet, but that is something already on the design slate.

I’m thinking in terms of being able to visually separate folder names from everything else when you have all the folder lists expanded and you have a large number of folders and text files, etc. Right now everything tends to blend together, and if you use the label colors in the binder the folder and all the files it contains have the same bar gradient.

Beyond bolding the folder names, it would be even better if the binder folder names could be colored as well-- not only with the label bar gradient as it is now but rather the binder name font itself-- either using the label color or preferably any color you choose. It would be nice to be able to choose to just have the folder name with the bar gradients but not the files, or have the folder name bolded, or whatever, with the text the color of the label or any color of the user’s choice.

Have you tried just using the label colors in the icons (view->use label color in->icons), and not in the “binder”? The color then draws your eye to the folder icons. Also, with the new custom icons feature, you could make your folders stand out even more from the regular text files.

Yep, I’m doing that now and have been for some time (not using the custom icons until 1.7 of course). I wanted a way to visually separate folders from files so that the folders can be seen more easily when the folders are expanded.

Actually 1.7 is out now, if you want to update to that it is now stable. If you run into issues with the automatic updater, just download the regular installer from the main site and update it that way (no need to uninstall).

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I was previously using the other options except for the custom icons because the custom icons weren’t available before 1.7. I updated to 1.7 when it came out, so I now have custom icons if I want-- but they don’t do enough of the job of visually separating the folders. Plus, I tend to not pay much attention to icons-- for me they’re just part of the decoration-- even in program menus I prefer text menu items or at least icons plus text. I can never seem to remember what the icons stand for, and if the icons aren’t accompanied by pop up descriptions when I do a mouse-over then I get really frustrated – like I’m on some kind of mandated Easter egg hunt.