can coauthors access same docs via 2 diff systems

My sister and I are cowriting a series, and are wondering if we both purchase scrivener; me for a mac, and her through windows or linux,if we can access our documents and work on them independently as we do through google docs now? Scrivener has a lot more of the tools and easy access we need. Just need to make sure we can share still. Thanks


Welcome to the forums. The answer to your question is: “It depends on what you want to do.”

One point to clear up straight away is that Scrivener projects created on the Mac are editable on Windows, and vice versa. At the present time, the Windows edition of Scrivener lacks some of the features in the Mac edition, but feature parity is a declared goal of the development teams, and as I say, in the meantime you can move projects from one platform to the other, and back again. (Compatibility with Linux I know little about, but there are users in the Linux section of these forums who may be able to help you on that question.) Advice about this aspect of usage can be found here.

As far as the deeper question of collaboration is concerned, a poster on these forums once helpfully defined passing a project backwards and forwards between users for writing and editing at separate times as “serial collaboration”, and different users working independently on the same project at the same time as “parallel collaboration”. Serial collaboration - with safeguards to ensure that the software doesn’t become confused - is very possible; real-time parallel collaboration is not. (That’s not just because as you point out, Scrivener has many more features than Google Docs, but also because Scrivener’s Windows and Mac editions are developed by just three people, rather than by the mighty resources of Google.) Advice on using Dropbox for serial collaboration can be found here, and could be more or less applied to other methods of passing projects between computers, including the “sneaker interface.” There’s also quite a lot about collaboration of various kinds in these forums - for example here.


You might like to look at this thread:

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One further piece of advice to the OP: use the 30-day free-trial period (details here) with both Scrivener editions to discover whether you and your co-author can use them in the way you wish.