Can different Outliner layouts be saved?

I like to look at my mss in the outliner form using a variety of different columns (I use metadata a lot). So far, everytime I use the outliner, I have to add or subtract columns I want to see at that time. Quite time-consuming and momentum-breaking. I’d like to be able to save different layouts, eg a layout for Characters with one specific set of columns and another for Themes, with a different set of columns. Does anyone know if this is possible or is this a feature I should request?

In section 9.7 of the manual, which deals with layouts, it says:

“Save outliner and corkboard settings All corkboard display settings, such as card size, ratio, card wrapping, and so on will be saved with the layout.
In the outliner, which columns are visible or hidden, and column sorting.”


Thanks M !
Never thought to look in the Windows menu.