Can File --> Export export styles?

I have folders of ~60 PDF files each. I type notes for each file its corresponding notes section (yellow part of the inspector). When I type these notes, I use two custom styles for specific annotations (to highlight quotes I like, or to record my thoughts).

My problem is: when I export the folder (and choose to also export the notes in the options tab of the export dialog), the notes get stripped of the custom styles (even if I export as RTFD).

Is there any way to fix this? It’s great that Notes are full-featured documents in their own right with formatting, etc. etc., but it would be even better if all that formatting was preserved upon export.

Thank you, and I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this. I’m new here :slight_smile:


Styles are automatically included when you export. However, you will need to use a format that supports styles and open the file in a program that supports styles too. The only formats that support styles are .docx, .doc and .rtf - the RTFD format that you are currently using does not support styles, so that won’t work.

You will then need to open the file in a word processor such as Microsoft Word, Nisus Writer, Apple Pages or LibreOffice for the styles to be visible (note, however, that Pages ignores styles in RTF files so you will need to use DOCX for Pages). TextEdit, which is the default system app for RTF files, ignores styles because it does not support them.

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Thanks a million!!! It works using DOCX, but does not work with RTF. Is there a setting I can change, or is this perhaps a bug? Happy to send screenshots, exported files, etc. if you would like.

RTF includes styles as well, so that’s strange - in fact, internally, DOCX files are created by generating an RTF file and running it through a third-party converter to produce a DOCX file. Are you opening the RTF file in Word or another word processor?

I tried opening in Word and importing into Scrivener – either way, no styles show up. I tried attaching the exported RTF file to this message, and got the following error:

Invalid file extension: Eichler, HG, K Hruby et al. “[Accidental Fatal Formaldehyde Poisoning].” Wien Klin Wochenschr 95.7 ( Notes.rtf

Maybe that has something to do with it?

You’ll need to zip up the file to attach it here, as the forum does not support RTF files being uploaded directly. (540 KB)

Ok I’m attaching the exported RTF from scrivener as well as a screenshot of what the note looks like in Scrivener before export.

thank you!

The RTF appeared perfect to me. I opened it in Word, clicked into he text, and sure enough, the two passages marked out in pink in Scrivener came out as using the “Noteworthy Quote” style in Word, and the passage marked out in green came out as using the “Notes from Research” style. So everything seems to be working as expected, with styles embedded correctly into the RTF file.