can footer show "Page x of y pages"?

I know how to insert the page# token, but haven’t been able to find a token for “total pages” when compiling. I like to have my header or footer show something like “page 12 of 378”. It’s easy to do in MSWord, once I compile; just wondering if there’s a native token for this in Scrivener.


<$p> of <$pagecount>

Thanks for that almansur! Useful to know.

Which reminds me, I really need to make a list of tokens you can use! :blush:

Yes you do. That way vic-k has something new to fret about!

Thanks very much for that.

Is there a “cheat sheet” somewhere to all tokens? I couldn’t find this one listed anywhere.

There are a bunch of these listed in the Scrivener Mac manual but it looks like only <$p> and <$pagecount> work on Windows.

I saw this, <$–ENDNOTES–> , in some help/example in the compiler GUI at one point but couldn’t make it do anything and I don’t see it now. I was trying out footnotes at the time.