Can format Endnote bibliography right in Scrivener?

I’m new to Scrivener. I read that Endnote references can be used in a Scrivener document but what I see on-line is people saying the document has to be exported to Microsoft Word and then the bibliography can be formatted. Is this still true - is there no way to format the bibliography right in Scrivener (without involving Word at all)?

This is still true, you need to compile to DOCX (or RTF or MMD or ODT) and then generate the bibliography. I tend to avoid using CWYW anyway even if I have to use only word and prefer temporary citations if I’m forced to use Endnote (I prefer Bookends even though I get Endnote for free).

This is fast and painless, it only takes a small number of extra steps…

Endnote can process RTF files directly. So, strictly speaking, you do not need Word to do the job. Endnote will produce a modified rtf file with in-line citations formatted and a bibliography inserted at the end.

So: You can compile your text in Scrivener to RTF format. Then process the RTF file with Endnote. You would then need to open the resulting RTF file in the app you will be doing your finish work in.


P.S. Endnote’s CWYW module is just a complicated macro/extension that Endnote worked up that is specific to Word. But the only really crucial function it performs is the same process Endnote can run on rtf files directly. (Actually using Endnote’s ability to insert Word-coded pre-formatted citations is, I think, something to be avoided.)

I see. Ok thank you. My purpose wasn’t to avoid Word entirely, but rather, sometimes I format the bibliography multiple times during my writing process (e.g., to see how things fit into a format or a length constraint after the references are formatted) and was hoping there was a way to do it right in Scrivener without exporting and firing up another app each time.