Can I add a page break without triggering the recto page option?

Sometimes a list breaks in the middle of the page (see image attached)

I added a Page Break before “12 mesi al grande giorno” to avoid the broken list. Unfortunately, a Page Break triggers the feature “Always start section on recto page” and Scrivener adds a blank page.

An empty “verso page” is great before the start of new chapters, but it’s not supposed to be there before a list.

      1. Is it possible to move "12 mesi al grande giorno" to the next page without starting a new section? MS Word has two different kinds of page breaks (new page + new section). Do we have something similar in Scrivener?

      2. I also tried to add the feature "Text > Keep with Next" to these lines, but it doesn't work on multiple lines. Am I missing something?

Scrivener doesn’t distinguish between break types. It is not typically used for very final stage formatting, so the tools it has at its disposal are simpler and more for setting out the broad strokes. All it has is a break that it considered synonymous with a formal structural break rather than something you’d use to avoid awkward widows or put figures on a new page, etc.