Can I add comments in the editor?

Hey again,

I wonder if I can add little comments a certain positions in a document (editor). I imagine a little bubble where I can type some text inside and then collapse it. Sometimes I wish to add “markers” in the text like so:

blablabla bla bla [MAYBE I SHOULD ADD STUFF HERE LATER???], bla bla bla…

Is there such a feature?


There are two forms of taking notes in Scrivener. Inline annotations (typing into a bubble, though not collapsible) are introduced in step 18 of the tutorial, and linked comments are discussed in step 5h. Both are explored thoroughly in chapter 17 of the user manual. You’ll find both inline and comment features in the Format menu. Inline works a bit like a formatting range. You can select text and toggle its “annotation” status, so it’s also useful for “soft” deleting text.