Can I adjust the Text>Mode templates?

Hi all.

I am new to Scrivener and loving it. Kudos.

I have a question. I am currently writing a Graphic Novel and there is a specific format to the script something like this;

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE presses the start button on his MAC BOOK PRO and waits for the machine to boot up.

He then double clicks on his Scrivener icon and continues to type the climax to his latest play “Romeo and Juliet”


A broad smile ripples across his face.

My question is this, can I alter/adjust the Text>Mode> [whatever currently installed template] so that it makes my writing with this format any easier? (I know I’m being lazy!)
I know I could go the route of iKey or Typeit4me but thoes apps are $30 and I’d rather give my money to Scrivener.

Thanks for any advice.

Man Mountain.


I’m afraid this is not currently possible because of the level of complexity involved in programming these modes. However, I believe some users use styles and shortcut keys for this sort of thing. Hopefully another user may be able to advise you on this - it may have been Eiron who mentioned it in the past, I can’t remember.

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Hey, quick crosspost –

All right, color me an idiot. But I am a professional screenwriting human who digs Scrivener, and just wants ooooooone tweak to the screenplay format.

All I want, basically, is to change the default that when you hit Enter] in Action style, you automatically jump to Character. I just want to type another paragraph of Action (this is a very, very standard thing to do in a script, btw, multiple paragraphs in action.)

Do I need to go jump to iKey, or can I reset that as an option, or even just using a key-shortcut to a style to adjust this?

I don’t want to change the damn template, I just want it to stop dumping me into Character every time I hit Enter in Action. In theory this should be easy – after all, the context menu breaks out two key choices in most situations, [tab] and [enter].


Please see this post: … lay+action

Note that I have added this to the list of things to look into for 1.01. So, hopefully you won’t have to do anything - this may well be fixed in the next few weeks.

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