Can I buy Scrivener (educational version) through AppStore?


I’m a student and I’m hoping to buy student version of Scrivener. My parents had sent me a gift card for the AppStore and but the only version of Scrivener available is the normal $45 one. Is there any way I can use the points from the gift card to get the student version or can I only buy the normal version?

Sorry to ask such a simple question. Thanks!

I’m sorry, but no. The educational discount is only available through our site.


And just to add to that, this is just because Apple doesn’t provide any way for educational discounts or coupons to be applied to the Mac App Store - it is only possible to sell on the Mac App Store at a single price. That’s why we are only able to offer the educational discount via our own store.

Thanks for wanting to buy!

All the best,