Can I Change Scrivener's Default Tabs and Indents?

I don’t understand why I cannot change Scrivener’s default of 0.25" for paragraph indents, and I hate the 10 tab settings default. These carry over into my compiled documents no matter what I put in the Compile settings. And if I add a new text file, the defaults come up, so it’s a major annoyance.

These mess up my Compiled documents where, in the middle of a chapter or scene, I’ll have some para’s indent 0.5" and others 0.25" even though I’ve set 0.5" in Compile. And Word happily grabs all those stupid tab settings, too.

What can I do to get a permanent change to tabs and indents that will stay with my Templates (that are ready for them!)?

I don’t need 10 tab settings and don’t want any, or, if I do on occasion, I’d like to be able to set them and have it stick. And I’d like to control the indent. Yes, I know scrivenings isn’t WYSIWG, but it’s a major annoyance to have to fix every compiled document simply because some feature is locked down in the template and cannot be overridden.

Clamo88, you’ll want to go to File > Options > Editing > Formatting to change the tabs permanently in all Scrivener projects.

Or, you can change them just for this project via Project > Project Settings > Formatting and tick the “Use different formatting for new documents in this project.” Then, you can format the tabs you want there.

You can also use the Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting to change existing documents to your new settings.

And, you also have the option of setting up your formatting in the Main Editor and then selecting Format > Make Formatting Default if you’d prefer.

RuthS, Thank You.

I spent way too much time searching for this in the Scrivener Manual which did not give up any of its secrets based on any of the search phrases I tried! And then more time in this forum before posting. It’s so frustrating when you have to guess exactly how to word a search request or you get nothing.

You’re a lifesaver!

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I used “tab stops” and went to 15.7 in the manual. There were other finds as well, but that search term brought me to where I got the same info as noted above.

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@Clamo88 Next time you have a question like this, remember that Help > Interactive Tutorial covers a lot of this stuff in a format that can be friendlier than the manual.

In this case, the tutorial’s document Default Formatting would have provided your answer. :nerd_face:


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