Can I change the contextual menu?

I wonder if this might be rather a “wishlist” topic.

Is there any way to change the contextual menu? For instance ctrl-clicking a selection gives me the option to search on google and look up in dictionary (among others). I would like to add more options, like mail selection, look up in a non-apple dictionary (for foreign languages) etc. Is that possible at all?

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No, I’m afraid this isn’t possible - and it’s not possible in any other program I know of, either. It would be rather complicated - and error-prone - to make this customisable, as far as I can see.


Thank you for the quick reply-- I’m a Mac (and of course Scrivener) newbie…

Items can be added to contextual menus (globally), but this is the responsibility of the hosting application, say the third party dictionary itself.

You could instead look at the possibility of using the Services menu. Many dictionaries and third party applications use the Services menu. I expect most people forget about the Services menu because it is so bloated and ungainly.

A quick download of Service Scrubber will reduce the menu to your desired requirements, actually making it the useful tool it was intended to be.

Add ICeCoffEE into the mix and you have the Services menu in your contextual menu, and on your menu bar should you desire it.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you! As I wrote I’m a total Mac newbie, switched after 20 yrs or so on PCs :blush:

I’m still trying to figure out shortcuts, scripting and such. The services menu suggestion is excellent, I will look into Service Scrubber (as probably all the newcomers I installed all the existing software during the first three days and now that menu is littered with non-functional services…)

Thank you!!

No worries, we all have skeletons in our closet. :smiley:

Service Scrubber: … e-scrubber