Can I change the project name?

Hi all. New user here and loving it so far. What a brilliant piece of software this is.

I use Jump Lists in Windows all the time, and I already have three different projects in Scrivener. I have these pinned to my task bar, but they’re all named “project”. Is it possible to change the name without breaking things?

Hello Bluesman,
Don’t know how others achieve this but I just use the menu File/Save as… in Scriv to change a project name. When you start a project you normally name it at the new project create screen ( Save as)

Yes you can change the name of the project file without breaking things(*). I do this all the time.

    • The caveat here is that your “Recent Projects” in Scrivener may not work anymore, but you can easily clear that list and start again.

Sweet, thanks for the info!