Can I change what text is highlighted for a comment?

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I use comments a lot, to keep track of bits of writing I want to rework, or ‘themes’ occurring throughout a manuscript.

But I also often have the need to change the text in the manuscript that has been highlighted and is associated with a comment. Most times, I would like to be able to ‘drag’ from one end of the highlighted text in the editor, and either just increase or decrease the amount of text highlighted.

Is there an easy way of doing this?

I’ve looked through the forum and manual and haven’t been able to find anything yet about this.

What I’ve been doing - which is a bit of a drag (ha ha) - is having to delete a comment and then recreate it with the new text highlighted.

Suggestions/pointers much appreciated.

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The way in which you can move a comment to a different piece of text is indeed easier than deleting it entirely! Select the text you want to move the comment to, and then either drag and drop the comment from the inspector onto the selection, or right-click on the comment and select the appropriate command.

Now if you want refine the highlight on top of or within an existing highlight it’s the same drill. Note that (on a Mac) you can position the cursor within a hyperlink (which comments technically are) by holding down the Option key when clicking.

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Hello AmberV,

and many thanks for the speedy and immensely useful response!

As usual, you go over and above and the tip re positioning cursor within a hyperlink is great, and will save me many frustrating and useless mouse clicks :grinning:

Take care

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