Can I compile docs from search result?

I want to print out all documents referencing my Antagonist. A search for ‘Antag’ gives me 50 docs. They are in several different folders. I’m hoping there’s a way to compile docs without having to click each one in the Compiler. Document names won’t clue me in, so the only thing I can think of is to move them all to one folder, but that won’t really work either.

Can anyone who’s faced this problem help me out here? Hope I’ve explained it clearly.
Thanks in advance,

Yeah, you can do this, it’s one of my favourite features as a matter of fact. It’s great for exporting a few things that match a certain criteria, or that I’ve hand-picked. You can compile any Collection, including the dedicated Search Results tab. In the Contents compile option pane, at the very top of the list you’ll see a pull-down for selecting the scope of what you’ll be compiling. You’ll note you can also select any group of items in your Draft, which may prove helpful if you’ve been messing with checkboxes to print chapters.

At the bottom of the list, you’ll find Search Results, and any Collections you might have made for this project.

Yes, on the Contents pane of the expanded compile window there’s a combo box to select the so-called compile-group. It’s normally set to the Draft, but you can select here any section of the draft, the current search results, or a collection.

If the documents you want to compile can be searched (like with ‘Antag’, as you mentioned), a easy way to accomplish your goal is to create a collection from a saved search, then compile that collection.

I suggest you to go through manual sections 8.4.4 Saved Search Result Collections and 23.5 Contents.

Hope this helps!

It worked! Thank you so much.
I love Scrivener and love all the helpful people here. :slight_smile: