Can I convert an "empty" new project in to "Novel-template" project?

I just started to use Scrivener for Windows. Recently I have converted my draft novel from Google Docs in to Scrivener scenes. To do that I’ve started an “empty” project and added my novel scene by scene.

Now I have a question. Can I convert my current “empty” project in to a “Novel-template” project? I mean to have all those stuff like Characters, Places, Front Matter etc.

Scrivener templates are simply starting points for a new project. They have a combination of folders, content, and settings that gets duplicated into every new project that is created with that template.

However, unlike other template systems, once your Scrivener project is created, it has no relationship with the template used to create it. There’s no link. You can immediately go change the settings in your project to whatever you want/need them to be; add and remove and move folders; etc.

So the answer is, yes, you can convert any project you want into any other format, but you need to know what it is you’re wanting to convert to.

I recommend you open up a new empty project using the Novel template. Take a few minutes to look around the project and see how it is structured. At this point, you can decide whether you want to duplicate those settings/structures in your existing project, or move your content over from your existing project into the new Novel project. There are pros and cons to both approaches.

Ok thanks for the information, it is clear now.