Can I copy a bunch of scrivenings to a different project

and still keep the hierarchy intact?

Right now it seems like the only thing I could do is create a copy of the project and then delete all the scrivenings I don’t want.

Yes, this is quite easy to do, and will copy pretty much everything over, from synopsis card all the way down to its snapshots. Just open both projects together at the same time, and drag the files from A to B. Once they copy over, you can remove them from A.

This worked except for one important part- All my label data didn’t get transferred.

Label data is project-specific. If you need that then your original idea of copying the project and deleting what you don’t need is the only way to do it.

…or hacking the .scrivx file…::whistles::

This is not endorsed by L&L. Backup your work first. Etc.

  1. With both Scrivener projects closed, in Finder choose “show package contents” for the original project and for the new project
  2. Open the .scrivx file for original project in TextEdit or similar
  3. Copy the everything from to
  4. Open the .scrivx file for the new project
  5. Select everything from to in the new project’s .scrivx file and paste over it with the copied text
  6. Save the edited .scrivx file

NOTE: This will replace all the label settings in the new project, so if you’ve already made labels or if you’re using a template that has labels with it, don’t do this. Likewise, if you have already created documents in the new project and assigned them labels, this will cause those labels to be replaced. This is really intended for a completely new project spawned from documents in another project.

But that would wipe out any existing label settings of the project you copied the documents to.

Oh, true. I was assuming this was a new project so it wouldn’t matter, but I should have said that.

Thank you- I tried this and it worked. The one problem is that the colors of the icons in the binder don’t change.

You need to adjust your settings in the new project. View>Use Label Color In>Icons (or Binder, if you prefer a bar of color rather than just the tinted icon).

That worked perfectly thank you for your help.