Can I delete duplicate projects?

When I asked Scriv to find all projects in spotlight, what I found was a mess of old and duplicated projects + of course ones I want to keep. They’re in drastic need of housekeeping. Can I just delete the old, unwanted and the dups? Is there a best method?

The best method involves being sure your Time Machine backups are up-to-date, and then delete (using Finder) at will. You can always restore from those backups if you delete your primary copy.

BTW, why do you have so many copies? Are you aware of the menu File->Back up->Back Up To… which lets you create unique backups that aren’t subject to the automatic cleanup of the ones created when you close a project? Using that menu, and adding something to the file name that tells me what stage the project was at (MYPROJ-1stdraftdone…), dropping it into the same folder with the automatic backups keeps things nice and tidy.

Thanks! I do know about File->Back up->Back Up To. I didn’t know it was possible to edit the file name. I will adopt your system (after I clean up the mess.) lol

After a major reorganization, I’d suggest clearing Scrivener’s Recent Projects menu and opening everything from Finder while it repopulates. The menu will remember the old names and locations of those projects, which will cause scary error messages if they’ve moved.



Thanks so much for taking the time to add your valuable info re Recent Projects. Much appreciated! :smiley: