Can I delete recovered files?

Two days in and I love Scrivener. But I did something dumb: I tried to drag in a massive folder of thousands of documents and the folder contained some miscellaneous other files including an .exe file that happened to be in there.

Anyway, this effort led the system to crash, but after a few attempts to close and start again, everything was okay.

I didn’t want/don’t want that huge folder in here anymore, so that’s not an issue; I won’t drag it in again. However, the document files in the folder that led to the crash keep showing up as recovered files. I keep deleting them and they keep reappearing. Will this happen forever? I’m a neatfreak so I like to get rid of all extra junk, but should I leave the recovered files alone? Will they keep appearing forever?


You know, if you are a neat freak, at this point it might be easier to make a new Scrivener project, open up the bloated one, and then drag over all of the real files from the old project into the new one. Pretty much everything will copy over (Snapshots, notes, synopsis, all of that). You’ll have to make a few settings over again, if you set your labels and status up custom—export settings, that kind of thing; contents of scratch pad and Project Notes. If you have already invested a significant amount of time setting labels and status to all of your documents, it might not be worth it, because that is the one thing that doesn’t transfer via drag-and-drop, that I know of. Then back up the messed up project using the zip option and keep it around in case you forgot to move anything over.

interesting, thank you - i will try that! i mean, i’m not an insane neatfreak, but you know how it is, it’s like my new toy and those recovered files just remind of possible doom.

When you delete them, do you also empty the trash? I’m not sure why the keep reappearing - they shouldn’t, they should stay in the Trash folder it that is where you put them, or stay deleted if you deleted them…
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Hmm, I could swear I had deleted the recovered files AND emptied the trash, but I just tried it again following your post and now they’ve (so satisfyingly) disappeared. Maybe I hadn’t done it before after all.
PS - A passing thought: it would be great if the header bar where the file name appears showed a path-- for some reason, to my eye, the location of files isn’t strikingly clear: that is, whether they are within a folder or free-standing, or even in the trash. It’s almost like the indent between the parent folder and the file itself isn’t quite big enough or something, to my eye or on my machine anyway.

If you are ever unsure of where a file is, just hit Cmd-Opt-R and it will be highlighted in the Binder (opening hierarchy up as necessary).