can i delete these files...

In the folder containing my scrivener projects there are three folders: files (containing: docs, project notes, binder autosave, binder backup, search indexes, version), settings (containing: scriptformat, template info, ui) and snapshots (empty). Do I need these folders? Do I need them in this place or is it possible to move them somewhere else? It seems to be a corrupted scrivener project (the scrivx-file is not anywhere), which is absolutely possible because I once messed around with a copy of my project. Maybe in the end I deleted only the scrivx file and forgot these. There is no content in the folder such as text documents. Is it safe to remove these folders?

Those folders contain all the information for that project. If you no longer need that project, then you can delete them.

Normally, for any project, you can move the entire project around, but you can’t move pieces of it without the other pieces without breaking it. So you have MyProject (directory), under which are the docs folders and the project.scriv file–keep all that together as one unit. Or delete as a unit.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Jennifer. I was very brave and dared to remove the files. Everything is allright :smiley: .

Just to add to this, the entire .scriv folder and its contents are your projet, so you shouldn’t mess with anything in that generally–Scrivener creates all the internal files as you work in the interface, and moving, renaming, deleting, etc. will cause your project to get corrupted as Scrivener won’t be able to find the files it’s looking for. If you want to delete a project, that’s fine; delete the entire .scriv folder, not just the contents. The shell really isn’t worth anything to you since you can’t create a new project inside it–you’d want to just delete the whole thing and then create a new project of the same name and Scrivener will create anew the file structure it needs.

Yes, thanks, I know this by now :smiley: . I suppose the corrupted folder I recently deleted was a relict of some project I created from a wrong template in the very beginning of my use of scrivener because there were no contents in the folders.
In fact I DID mess up my project once, that was, when I finally understood how the folder works. To fix that problem I deleted the whole project (the entire project folder) and started again from the latest backup. I’ve learned my lesson :smiley: .

No problem! I just wanted to be clear that there was no point just deleting the folders inside the .scriv folder individually–if you’re deleting the project, you might as well delete the entire .scriv folder and have done with it. :wink:

You’re absolutely right! But you know how it is - sometimes you (no maybe not YOU :wink: ) get panicky about deleting something imagining to corrupt not only the project, but the software, your computer or even the whole WWW - at least I do sometimes… when creative urges overpower me… Better ask then and live in peace :mrgreen: .

I’m pretty sure most everyone gets that sometimes, especially when feeling creative and/or motivated to great organizational and cleaning heights. :wink: And yes, asking is very smart. And making backups. Otherwise you will inevitably regret it later when you return to a normal state of mind and realize what havoc you have wrought. I have learned this over the years… :slight_smile:

and I’m glad you’re out there giving advice and fixing the problems of all those overmotivatedly cleaning scriveners :wink: .