Can I disable or turn off the corkboard?

I don’t use the corkboard. I’d prefer NEVER to see it, e.g., when I split the screen it seems to be a default view for multiple documents or folders. Is there a way to disable the corkboard view? Thanks.

You can’t completely disable it, but if you change the view mode Scrivener should remember your preference. Are you using one of the layouts that we supply?

I don’t believe I’m using one of your layouts, but I can’t say for sure since the project I’m working on is very large and was created many years ago. How can I tell and would that matter?

I read in the tutorial that Scrivener “should remember”, but that doesn’t seem to happen in my project. Any time I see a corkboard I ALWAYS change the view to Scrivenings, or occasionally to Outline. I’m writing a non-fiction book. Thanks again.

I think it remembers separately for both sides of the split. So, maybe that is the issue.

In which case: Spilt the editor, select a folder in the binder for each side of the editor. Then for each side of the editor, change the view mode to your preferred default view mode.

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Also, you can save your own preferred layout and use that instead of just splitting the Editor.

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Or, maybe, a folder is locked to the Corkboard View. Unlock it with the bottom option of the menu under the Icon in the Header bar of the Container:



Another thing worth noting is that there are a handful of bugs that cause certain actions in the software to ignore the view mode preference and use the corkboard no matter what. One such bug is when using the Next/Prev document navigation buttons or keyboard shortcuts.

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