Can I do any formatting of an imported picture file?


I have made some drawings in another software program end saved the files as jpg’s. When I import them into Scrivener I want to make the final corrections such as cropping the picture a bit in order to make the layout between text and picture the best possible.

Is that possible - to crop a picture, or do I have to do all the picture stuff outside Scrivener?

Lovely program, by the way :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words!

There are no image editing tools in Scrivener, I’m afraid, so for cropping you will indeed need to do that in an image editing program. You can resize images (by double-clicking on them and then using the sliders that appear), but that’s as far as it goes.

All the best,

Thanks for your reply.

OK. I just have to be better prepared for importing pictures in future :confused:

Ah! That’s what I was looking for. That’ll work–I knew there was something I was missing!

Is there a way to set Scrivener to always make images “scale to fit” by default? I don’t see that in the options…?

I’m not sure if you mean it this way, but do note you can edit images that have been imported into Scrivener. Just click the application button in the footer bar while viewing the image, or use the Documents/Open/in External Editor command. The button in the footer also gives you the option to choose the default program to load the image with, using right-click. You might have Preview for JPEGs normally, but prefer Photoshop when opening images from Scrivener, for example.

Another approach is to use the File/Import/Research Files as Aliases… menu command, which does not copy the resource into the project, but merely links to the original, leaving it easily accessible to external editing software.