Can I Duplicate the Draft Folder?

Can I duplicate my Draft folder directly? I mean, right-click and select duplicate? I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t work.
Same thing for the Research folder.

I found an old tread [LH908] Why can’t I duplicate Research folder? which suggests that this is a bug, but since it’s from 2018, I thought it would be resolved.

My question is this still a bug, or is there a problem with my installation?


Neither, I believe.
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But you can duplicate the content.

According to the thread you linked to, the developer has stated we should be able to duplicate both the Draft & Research folders. So yes, it’s still a bug.

Interestingly, the same bug exists in v1.9.16.


“Spe­cial fold­ers are the Draft folder con­tain­ing the ac­tual man­u­script, the Re­search folder for ev­ery­thing that in­forms your writ­ing, Tem­plates con­taining pre-for­mat­ted doc­u­ments and the Trash which con­tains, well any­thing you trash. Despite being special folders, you can re­name them to any­thing you want and change their icons. Deleting the Draft, Research and Trash folder is not supported.”

The easiest workaround in my opinion:

  1. Create a top-level folder in the binder that will serve as the duplicate of the draft.
  2. Select Draft and switch to Corkboard mode to make it easy to select all child items with Ctrl+A.
  3. With the corkboard view still active and all cards selected, use Documents ▸ Copy To ▸ (name of target folder)

There are other methods as well of course, but this ensures even the largest and most complex draft folders will completely copy from top to bottom, in a way that doesn’t confuse the original draft folder’s state, like the Duplicate commands would do.