Can I edit the metadata on multiple items?

Hi -
Is there a way to change the label and/or status of more than one item at a time? I have tried selecting multiple cards on the corkboard, for example, and changing the label, but this only appears to change one of the cards.

I too have been searching for a way to do this. I think the Scrivener Manual says that you can do this in the outline view. But I did not find that to be the case.

Anyone know the answer? Is it that it can’t be done or that we just haven’t found how?


To do this in corkboard mode, you select all your cards, then right click and change the label and/or status. I would think this would also apply in outline mode.

Excellent! Thank you.
I’ve been selecting them, and then changing the option on the Inspector, which doesn’t work (but perhaps it should?).
It’s great to find out there’s a way of doing exactly what you want the programme to do! :smiley:

As Spitfire said, this is possible in the binder, outliner, and corkboard–just select the cards and then right-click to change label or status. The inspector is specific to a single document’s meta-data–you see the title, synopsis, etc. all for that single document, and it’s not meant to show data for more than one at a time–so this isn’t the tool you want for changing information on multiple documents.