Can I expand folders in the Corkboard?

I know how to do this in the Binder, but not sure if it’s possible or how to do it in the Corkboard. Since organizing my project to be more hierarchical, I find that without it, the corkboard is not very useful. I only see one level of a folder’s contents at a time. I would like to see, for example, all the chapters in “Beginnings” and “The Academy” so I could move them between each other.

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Generally speaking, the corkboard is designed to show a single level at a time, so in most cases if you’re trying to view items across the hierarchy, the outliner will be a better choice; it can be expanded or collapsed like the binder but show much more information–more even than what can be displayed on the corkboard. However, the corkboard has a few special modes, including a “stacked” view that should do what you want.

To view the stacked corkboard, select both the the Beginnings and The Academy folders in the binder by Cmd-clicking them. You should now see the top-level items of each of these folders spread out on the corkboard in separate rows, with a divider line between the two groups. In the corkboard footer, you’ll see options on the right to adjust how the cards are laid out–in the usual grid, or in a single-card row or column. With this view, you can drag cards between the two groups to move them.

The stacked corkboard will only show the immediate children of the selected groups, so if you need to display further than that, you’ll likely want to switch to the outliner, which allows unlimited depth and will probably be easier to manage at that point.

The only way (other than what Silverdragon mentions below…!) for the corkboard to display all the subitems of a container with multiple levels is via Open > With All Subdocuments as Flat List (from the Navigate menu or the binder context menu). Depending on your needs, this may be a useful way to get an overview of the contents, but since it flattens the hierarchy to spread out all the cards, it is not possible to move the cards around in this view. You could though move them from here to another location in the binder or other corkboard.

One additional bit of information about stacked corkboards (that I didn’t find out until a few months ago):

As long as all the things you select in the Binder are folders (or files with sub-files), you can have a display of your entire hierarchy. So yes, you can select folders/file groups at all your hierarchy levels and have essentially a fully expanded set of stacked corkboards. There’s even a special pull-down that can help you zip to exactly the correct stacked corkboard.[attachment=1]Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 23.58.00.png[/attachment]
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