Can I export Styles to Word

How can I export my styles to Word? I have set the formatting in Compile settings and in my Styles, but when I look at the text in Word, all of the text comes through with the style Normal.


I have been playing with the very same thing. AmberV pointed me to an example here: [url]].

You need to know how to set up the Section Types in the Project Settings, and I suggest you take the time to work through the Interactive Tutorial included with Scrivener (if you didn’t do it yet), as it will explain this.

The option to compile Pandoc to Microsoft Word is also an option if you have installed Pandoc ( I found downloading the Pandoc zip file and setting it up manually worked better for me than the installer as I wanted to create my own Pandoc conversion batch scripts.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I know what I’m doing - I’m just merrily playing and trying things out, and learning a lot in the process. Good luck.