Can I Get Clickable Toc for PDF without MS Word?

My computer has MS Office installed but a trial version that probably expired long ago.

But I prefer to use Open Office which is installed on my computer. Can I generate a clickable Table of Contents for PDF documents with just Open Office installed? So far I’ve not had any success.

The links in the TOC are not clickable and the page number always and only says 4 for all chapters.

I did experiment a bit with the settings in the Import/Export section but no luck in getting a clickable table of contents.

Any suggestions or ideas?

I’m using Windows 8.1.

Thank you

The Microsoft Word libraries are needed to handle internal links when compiling directly to PDF, so you won’t be able to create the TOC in Scrivener and have it working straight off. OpenOffice can create a linked table of contents, however, so you should be able to use a two-step process of compiling from Scrivener to RTF, then opening that in OpenOffice and creating a TOC with its tools, then saving/printing to PDF. This forum post describes compiling from Scrivener with “hooks” to quickly create a TOC in Word; the specific steps in OO will be a little different, but I think the idea is the same.

Sorry if this isn’t relevant to Windows, but at least on the Mac, if you use Multimarkdown compile to FODT the document structure is preserved and you need do nothing more, the PDF saved from LibreOffice automatically gets TOC bookmarks.

Out of curiosity, why use OpenOffice rather than LibreOffice — LibreOffice gets much more active development…

Honestly I never even heard of LibreOffice until you mentioned it.

So far my Open Office Writer has served me very well. Especially since I can convert Freemind Mind Maps into OpenOffice documents with ease.

But I’ll have to check out LibreOffice sometime.