Can I have a simple blank line for conversion to Word? Compiler not including author info?

Hi. Coming from Word and trying my best to understand Scrivener 3. Tried Scrivener 1 but abandoned it out of frustration. I seem close to getting v3 working for what I need to write my next novel. I’m just using basic writing and organizational functions with corkboard. But I’ve run into two issues I can’t figure out.

Outputting to Word for agent manuscript submission…

  1. The first page of every chapter in my novel has a little subhead, flush left below the centered Chapter header. It indicates the day and time in the story. I’d like to have a blank line separating that from the first paragraph to set it apart.

However, inserting an extra line return in Scrivener (I have the Show Invisibles on so I can see the paragraph returns in the editor) results in a # being placed in Word documents (which is fine for slight scene/POV shifts within a chapter, but not in what I’m trying to do. I just want a simple blank line to appear in Word as it does in Scrivener.)

Additionally, that extra paragraph return in Scrivener removes the first-line indent of the opening chapter paragraph that follows in Word. It looks fine in the Scrivener editor (the paragraph indent shows), but the graph after the inserted line return is not indented in the Word document. I don’t understand why that’s happening.

  1. Compiling is not inserting author information onto the title page, even though I have filled it out in File/Options/General/Author Information. I’ve also filled out related metadata in the compiler. I can’t understand why.

What am I missing? Thanks!

Okay! I got number 2 figured out. Had to add the info to the Title page in the Front Matter section of my project. :unamused:

An inserted line break in Scrivener is still inserting a #, removing the first-line indent in the paragraph that follows it in Word, :frowning:

EDIT: Alt+Return inserts a line break that doesn’t trigger the # symbol.