Can I have a "style" in Scrivener that has a carriage return at the end of each paragraph?

I need to have my paragraphs with blank lines between them for readability in Scrivener. Is there a way to create a style to do that?

Set a space after for one of those paragraphs, then update the style from it.



Set the space to your font size, and you’ll get what you want.

Else no, not only it’d be the wrong way to do it, but styles don’t save content such as a carriage return.

Note that if that’s something you want pretty much everywhere, no need for a style. Set the space after in your default formatting instead.

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You can certainly set your default formatting that way. We advise not defining a “body” style, though.

Here is the help page for setting default formatting. Once you get a paragraph or two looking the way you want in the editor, just follow the instructions on that page. They will help you clean up existing documents to the new defaults, too.