Can I have version 1.54 and 2.0 installed on my mac

This may sound a bit strange but … well here it goes.I’m about to upgrade to 2.0 and I was wondering if its possible to keep v1.54 around as a separate installed program separate from 2.0 without there being conflicts? I’m in the middle of a novel and want to keep 1.54 around like a safety blanket in case I run into troubles with learning how to use the new version or have any troubles with any bugs that may pop up. I know I could just keep working with 1.54 for now, but would like to move over ASAP to take advantage of the new features.

Yep, you can have both! You’ll probably want to move your current 1.54 version to another location (a folder called “Old Scrivener” or the like within the Applications folder should be fine) to try and avoid confusion if you assign keyboard shortcuts via the System Preferences–that and the text clipping services are the only things I know of that may have minor conflicts when you’re running both versions (you’ll only be able to have them work in one version, I believe). I have both installed myself and have no trouble assigning shortcuts to 2.0; I don’t use the clippings service, so I can’t speak on that one.

Your projects will open by default in the 2.0 version, if that’s the one you put in the Applications folder, so to open in 1.54 you’ll need to open that version of the program first and then open the project through the menu or use “open with” on the file to browse your way to the older version of Scrivener.

Also just keep in mind that there’s no backwards compatibility, so although 2.0 will easily upgrade your older projects (and create a backup 1.54 version), any work you do in 2.0 won’t be retrievable in 1.54. But you’ll still be able to open the pre-2.0 version and continue working, should you need to.

But hopefully you’ll be up and running in no time! I think migrating is fairly easy, and in the tutorial there’s a “what’s new” collection to help jump-start users upgrading from earlier versions, so take a quick tour through that and you should be up to speed enough to keep moving. Have fun!

PS–Just to spare you any hassle, the 1.54 “upgrade” button from within the program won’t work right, so just go download the current version from the Lit&Latte website. It’ll make it easier for you anyway since you don’t want the system to trash your older version; you can just move it yourself out of the Applications folder and then pull in the new one.

Thanks for the info I really appriciate it.

I just downloaded 2.0 (twice) but it won’t install and relaunch, or at least it won’t relaunch. I can’t seem to find where 2.0 even is. Are you saying that 2.0 is not an "upgrade’ but a separate program somehow? And I can’t use the “register” feature because as you point out, it doesn’t notice I have a new version and just thanks me for my previous registration of the old version.

what do I need to do to get new Scrivener running right?


Just quit and then launch Scrivener again and you should be good. There is a bug in the 1.x updater on Snow Leopard where it doesn’t always relaunch after updating (this is fixed in 2.x, but 1.x handles the update). If that doesn’t work, just go to the product page and download and install as normal.

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