Can I hide footnotes in body of text?


Just trying out Scrivener, so I imported a few files from Word 2010. I had footnotes in Word with Endnote references in them. They all imported fine, but they’re now in the body of the text highlighted in grey, which I find distracting when I’m trying to write and edit. Is there a way to hide them (at least in full-screen mode)? Thanks, Jim

I haven’t done this myself, but you might try Format > Convert > Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes. This will convert the notes to “linked” notes, which will be visible when you open the Inspector on the right side of the Scrivener window: click the blue button with in “i” toward the upper right to open the Inspector; then at the bottom of the window click the little square bubble with an “n” in it. Sections 17.1 and 17.2 of the manual discuss the philosophy involved here.

Many thanks; that does the trick nicely. Jim

Great, Jim, glad it worked!

I have also changed the view options so that the footnote highlight colour is white; now the footnotes show as just a fine red line around the full-stop at the end of the sentence. Suits me perfectly.

Sounds nice–noticeable but minimally distracting.