Can I highlight the results of a search?

Hi everyone, I’ve spent a couple of days googling this and searched the forum, which means that somebody will probably immediately link me to the answer and point out that I missed it!

Is there a way to highlight the results of a “Find” operation in Scrivener? I use the Mac version of Scrivener with the citation manager Papers, which inserts citation placeholders into the text using curly braces (eg. {Smith:2010pg}). I’d like to be able to highlight citations because I’m increasingly shortsighted and would like to be able to pick them out from the text.

Searching for citation placeholders in the text is pretty straightforward, using the RegEx {.*?}

However, although “Find next” will highlight the next occurrence, I can’t then click the highlight button on the formatting bar to highlight the selection. If I make the same selection manually, I can highlight.

Is there some way that I can highlight text which has been selected as part of a “Find” operation?

(of course, the option to search for all occurrences this and highlight them all would be fantastic!)

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious here, but can anybody offer a suggestion or workaround?

This is working fine for me. In Scrivenings mode I use ⌘F to open the find dialog, enter a regular expression search then hit [Next] to find the first occurrence and the formatting bar is active. I then use ⌘G to move to the next occurrence, click the highlight button, ⌘G, rinse repeat…

I thought perhaps you are using Project Search for this but there is no [Find Next] at all there?

Scrivener on macOS 10.12.6

Thank you! You’re quite right, I quit out of Scrivener and reopened it, and document search now behaves the way you describe. I think I must have just had an unlucky break with the highlight button acting up.

It’d be fantastic if text highlighted in the Project Search could be turned into an actual selection, or if the Document Search supported selecting all occurrences of a RegEx, but this gets me 90% of the way there.

Thanks again!