Can I import or copy all project settings from one project to a new one?

Hi all,

Well, the title up there is the question.

I set up a large number of project settings for my first Scriv 3 project, and I’d like to use exactly the same settings in a new project. I’ve searched the manual and the forums … as before, I find searching difficult because I’m not far enough along on the learning curve to sort through and take in all of the material efficiently.

Thanks in advance for your help.


The easiest way to do this is to duplicate the project in the finder, then in the copy delete everything that’s not necessary for new projects. (ie Keep the label / status / keywords / custom meta data / section types etc etc that you want for new projects and ditch any variable content such as documents with text for this project only).

Once you’re down to the essential ‘starter kit’ (Scrivener calls them Project Templates), then use File > Save As Template.

You’ll be asked to give the template a name and a category (‘Fiction’, ‘Non-fiction’ etc) — once you’ve completed that dialogue, your new Project Template will appear in the File > New Project dialogue box and you can choose is the basis for any new projects.

[Once you’ve created the Project Template you can delete the duplicate scrivener project you created it with.]

That’s the basics and you can actually do more with Project Templates, so have a look at the manual section 5.3 for a detailed run through.


Thank you so much! This was simple and accurate. I appreciate your help.