Can I incrase the "selected" color contrast in the binder?

Is there any way to increase the contrast between the binder background color and the bg color of the selected items, especially when the binder does not have the focus, when the contrast really goes flat. I’ve tried different binder bg colors but can’t find anything better than the default. Am I correct that the Selected bg color is the Windows default, and can not be changed through Scriv’s options?

Just to be clear, text legibility isn’t the issue. Just being able to more easily spot the highlight bar in the non-focused pane.


There’s no way to control this from within Scrivener, but we do have it on the list to look into the ability to customise this in the future. It’s mainly a technical issue.

Thanks, MM.

Related to this… it would be nice if custom icons didn’t have their colors thrown off by the selection highlight.

Yes, that’s on the list, to try and redo the order of the selection and icon so there’s no overlay.