Can I just see/print out the synopses?

Sorry this is a real newbie question but I am finding the learning curve quite steep and currently struggling with huge problems at home, so please forgive me.

Can I just see/print out the synopses?

I am trying to get a handle on my book (it could be books) so want to precis each scene and then look at the output and then work out what is missing and what needs cutting out - I have lots of action but the plot is very unclear at the moment (yeah - I know!!!)

So I am putting the bare bones of each scene into the synopsis but cannot see how to just list that info. Grateful for any pointers.


Shoot - thought I had it.

In Compile, in format there is an option for formatting Synopsis and not Text so ticked those, bit confused and hoped to just see synopses.

The realised it was FORMAT. Wen to to the “Contents” tab and there is no mention of Synopsis there - now getting very worried.

Has Synopsis been left out of Compile???

TIA Steve

The elements are all in the formatting pane, since you can format them separately and choose different elements to compile per document type and level in the binder hierarchy, but checking the synopses there will compile the synopses as you expected. Make sure that you’ve checked the box to override formatting, at the top of that tab–in future it shouldn’t be necessary, but it looks like the override is overriding a bit too much, and affecting which elements compile.

You might want to try starting with the Enumerated Outline preset from the “Format As” drop-down menu in compile. Er, it’s a bit of a misnomer at the moment because it’s not numbered (that was a carry over from the Mac and although the ability to add numbering to the titles was added in this last beta, it didn’t get into the compile preset yet), but it’ll set you up with the titles and synopses compiling and so might be a good place to start even if you want to tweak it a bit more.

I have no idea how that worked … BUT IT WORKED. You, madam, are a lifesaver.