Can I link to the generated Table of Contents?

When I compile my document for .mobi, Scrivener gives me a Table of Contents.
That all works fine.

Question: is it possible to somehow include a link in my document to that Table of Contents (given that at the time of inserting the link, said Table of Contents doesn’t yet exist)?

Yes, this is possible [size=80][1][/size]. The solution may be a little more obvious if you take a peek into what the e-book looks like, directly prior to it being turned into a Mobi file by KindleGen. In the KindleGen compile pane, enable the option to export source files, then compile.

You’ll get a folder with a very simple structure, mainly just a big list of .xhtml files with folders for CSS and images (if applicable). If you open up the contents.xhtml document in a plain-text editor, you’ll see the links are all relative paths to various “body#.xhtml” files. So, there is the solution: linking back to Contents is going to be the same principle, a relative link to ‘contents.xhtml’.

[size=80]Be careful to set the URL flag to “No prefix”.[/size]

Just remember, these links won’t work in Scrivener, but they will work in your source folder preview if you load the files in a web browser, and in the final Mobi.


  1. It’s worth mentioning that in general there would be very little reason to actually do this. All Kindles have dedicated navigation functions to the Contents page, accessed from the software menus, regardless of where the reader is in the book. So it’s possible, but it’s kind of overkill. But maybe this technique will be useful for other things in general, like linking to the automatically generated endnotes page.

Thank You, AmberV.
That’s extremely helpful.
Much appreciated.