Can I make a keyboard shortcut to quickly add auto-corrected words?

When I used to use an older version of Microsoft Word for medical transcription, I had instructions on how to record what was called “a macro” so that by clicking a combination of keys, it would go straight to the window where I could type in an “autocorrect”.

I see in Scrivener I can click on Tools, Options, Corrections, and then Edit Substitutions, which will bring me to the same idea as autocorrects. I can add my own shortcuts in there, but it’s a hassle to have to click on so many buttons to get to that window, especially when I’m in the process of getting thoughts down for a writing project. Yes, something like that can actually throw me right off on what my thought was.

So, I am hoping there is a way to create a keyboard shortcut to get me straight to that place where autocorrects can be added. I want to be merrily typing along and just hit whatever combo of keys I chose (I used to use cntrl-e, which originally was to center text but I revised it for my liking) in order to add words I frequently mistype (I often type “liek” for “like”… and I see there is already a preset one for the infamous “teh” to become “the” in Scrivener’s substitutions list, but I have so many other words for which I want to ceate shortcuts. When I did medical trasncription, I had thousands of them, like shorthand).

Does anyone know if/how this can be created?

I would suggest that text replacement can probably get you to what you need.

Go to Tools>Options>

Select Corrections from items on left

Click on Edit substitutions button

Press + button

In “replace” field type text to be - well, er, replaced e.g. #fpk

In “with” field type the text that will be substituted e.g. Fitzpatrick

I suggest you experiment a little, though I would suggest the hashtag is useful. One of my character’s names was Mary and I had entered “mary” as text to be substituted, but then had fun and games with “priMary”, hence adoption of the hashtag.

I would like something like this myself. I used to use a program called Liquid Story Binder that made this easy.

Even a simple addition to the context menu would be great. But, at present, it’s just way too many clicks to access what is a very useful feature

I use AutoHotKey for automating frequently used click-intensive commands. I haven’t used it for auto-correct, but I have a number of AHK commands that open the Scrivener Options dialog and then navigate to where I can change various settings. Having AHK open the substitutions dialog so it was ready to receive new entries would be pretty simple. I have one that opens to Corrections-Spelling, and lets me toggle “Check spelling as you type” without having to navigate to it all the time. I have another that goes to the keyboard shortcuts panel, which I often use to find where a command is located, as well as setting my own customizations.