Can I make my own colums names in Outliner view?

I am stil trying to find a way to make a nice time event document and was wondering if there is a way to create my own colum names in the Outliner view. That way, I would be able to create a Timeline document, and create colums with names like: Character, Date and Event.

Is this possible?


No, there is no way of doing that. The columns in the outline view are restricted to the data available in the inspector.
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Another question still with the idea of making a good overview of events:
I made a table in Scrivener and inserted some events with names and dates, works good as well for me, as long as I can make a nice list with everything that happend till now with my caracters during the last 2 books. Now, however, I want to insert a row or cell. This doesn’t seem to be possible so I have to move all the info more rows down. Would it be possible to make a little bit more advanced tabel inspector that can do things like insert?

I’m afraid not - unless Apple update it. Tables have nothing to do with me but come “free” with the Apple text system - if you look in TextEdit you will see that Scrivener is just using the same built-in system.

Ah, I see. I didn’t even realize that the text editor used in Scrivener was Textedit itself :blush:

Again, I found another way of making a nice outline of my events. I found a very small and free program called Deepnotes. It makes a simpel outline and a mindmap of the info that I put in. I exported a textfile and printed a pdf of the mind map, and pulled it into Scrivener. I think this will work for me, not sure what else I would want to use a timeline for then just having events in cronological order and to look it up when needed. Deepnotes does just that.