Can I mix Scrivener versions for opening the same file?

I have a desktop running Lion.
I just came into possession of an old laptop running Tiger.

I wold like to write on both machines, IN THE SAME FILE.
The file is in a Dropbox folder.

To run Scrivener on both machines, I need to use different versions of Scrivener. (10.6+) and (10.4-10.5)

Will I get in trouble?
…if I open the same file under different versions of Scrivener OS?

I realize I can’t open the file on both machines simultaneously. I am wondering f I can switch back and forth between machines without trouble.

(I am sure the fonts will get screwed up. That happens already when I open on different machines running Lion and Mountain Lion).

You’ll be fine if you use the latest builds for both versions of Mac OS. If fonts are an issue, locate one you like that exists on both versions and change your settings/convert your files to use that font.