can I modify the primary dictionary?

I realize that Scrivner can “learn” words but is there a way to adjust the entries in the built-in dictionary?

Here are some reasons why: if I mispell the word “dont” (without an apostrophe) it auto-corrects to “dint” (I’m not sure how that was determined to be the most likely match). There are other auto-correct examples just as strange and frustrating. Further, Scrivner seems curiously aggressive in finding proper names (sometimes bizarre ones) as auto-correct words for common mispellings. One other reason that comes to mind is that, in my book, the word “Commonwealth” (capitalized as a proper name) outnumbers the use of the word “commonwealth” (used in general noun form) a hundred fold, so it would be convenient to make the capitalized version the auto-correct choice. I do have the auto-complete feature set for the word but when typing fast, that feature isn’t always convenient or even remembered.

Anyway, I realize I could turn off auto correct but that is not the core of my question. I am curious if I could instead adjust the built in dictionary (and if so, can it be done on a project-by-project basis?) to still reap the auto correct feature’s benefits.

You can edit your custom list quickly by opening the file in Notepad and just putting in all the words you want; it’s a .ini file in your user’s AppData folder (assuming you’ve already created the custom word list by at least once using Learn Spelling or by modifying the word list directly in the Auto-Correction tab of Tools>Options). You can also edit the main Aspell dictionary for your language directly, although it’s a little more technical; Lee posted instructions for that here.

Thank you for the quick reply MM. Since I did not add the word “dint” to my custom word list and assume it is a built-in word in the program’s Western American dictionary, I’m thinking your first suggestion will not help (e.g., I’m looking for a way to stop Scrivner from auto changing “dont” to “dint” but rather to “don’t” and the custom list does not affect this).

Further, the word “commonwealth” is not mispelled and is part of the built in dictionary. Adding a proper name “Commonwealth” to the custom dictionary does not make it the auto-correct choice, instead, it merely renders it not mispelled.

I had previously found the (complicated) instructions on making adjustments to the Aspell file but was optimistic that there is a GUI for modifying the non-custom dictionary. However, looks like this is the approach I need to take.

Will changes to the Aspell file affect all projects opened on that computer? Meaning, is the Aspell file not project specific but rather computer specific?

Yeah, I’m afraid just with the tool we’re using–the dictionary is really all Aspell, it’s just a library we’ve included–there’s not a convenient UI for doing this. Word has its own dictionary, so they’re able to handle all aspects of this in a way we just don’t have the resources for.

Altering the dictionary will affect all your projects yes–so does the custom list, though.

“Anyway, I realize I could turn off auto correct but that is not the core of my question.”

It is mine: I’m using Scrivener 1.5.4 on Lion, and I would LOVE to turn off auto correct. But how?