Can I open more than 1 window of the same project?

Hello, I think it would be useful to my workflow to be able to open more than one window of the same project and send one to an external monitor. This will give me the option to work with bigger panels when working with two documents (as opposed to splitting) or when using splitting to be able to have up to four documents in view.

I have not been able to find information on whether this is possible and if so, how.

No the same project can’t be open twice or you’ll corrupt it. But with an external monitor you can have the main window on one, full screen composition mode on the other and floating quick reference windows spread on both. So you can actually do most of what you want with the project open in the normal way.

Lunk, Windows version doesn’t have quick reference window now :frowning: …but will in v3! :slight_smile:

But you do have the full screen composition mode?

Yes, and as you say, in Windows I can run main Scrivener window on one monitor and full screen mode in the other.

Although the process to accomplish this is a bit odd: move the main Scrivener window so it’s split between monitors, by having half of the window displayed on each monitor. Then invoke full screen mode. Full screen mode will then start on one monitor, and I can move the main Scrivener window to the other monitor.

Perhaps someone using Windows knows of another way to do it. Is that how it works on the Mac?

No. In Preferences I can decide the behaviour. If I work on the laptop the main window is closed. If I have my external monitor attached i open the full screen composition mode there and the main sits on the laptop.

Thanks to all. I did not know about the trick involving fullscreen. It definitely helps considering that one after running full screen on one monitor one can change panes on the other without affecting the full screen.

I did not know about the trick either. After Lunk’s question, I was playing around with a second monitor, and stumbled across it. Happy accident! :smiley: