Can I open two related Scrivener projects so I can copy/paste from one to the other?

I have a main project and have collected some aspects - research - into a separate project for the time being.

I want to copy/paste some snippets from the latter to the main project … but Scrivener doesn’t want to open more than one project.

Is there something I have missed or is Scrivener restricted to only one project being open at a time?


Open a project. Then open the other. Both will be open.

You sure can - I have multiple projects opened over several monitors with easy access between all of them.

If you set up (via ‘Options’) you can even have it open all of your projects each time it opens.

Very convenient.


I had tried doing this and it didn’t work.

Followed your instructions just now – and it worked!

I don’t know what I had been doing wrong … I’ll blame the weather!

Thanks for getting me back on the rails.


Wait. What?!

EDIT: Oh, I see you mean reopening projects that were open when quitting. Got it.