Can I post?

Can I post here my shorts novel in Italian?

You could but not everyone reads Italian. And considering that this is an “English” (as in we speak it and the company is in England) it might not be the best way to win the gratitude of the masses.

But then I don’t work for the company and am generally a trouble maker. Do what you want. Worst case scenario KB or Ioa asks you to stop. The DMJ guy never really shows up in these parts (he doesn’t exist if you ask me).

We do have some readers, like Andreas, who are fluent in Italian and English.
But a short novel may be a large file.
Might be better to put a PDF version on a server space somewhere.
Then provide a link to it here. Readers may then download and give you feedback.

Hey! Stop besting my ideas! Just because you can actually solve the problem of matching desire with functional politeness doesn’t mean you should show off!

(Best Robert DeNiro impression) You talkin’ to ME?

Seriously, have you noticed that all the Windows bug reports have died down?
We are once again having some actual, humane, Mac-focused discourse here.
Sort of. Exception might be your last post.
Either the beta version has gone to gold.
Or MS users are dropping from the sky, like birds in Arkansas.
Or our Glorious Leaders created a separate board for Windows plaints.

You left off…

Or they met vic-k/fluff/le. d. and decided it was safer to live with the bugs.

I direct your attention to this thread:

[url]Anyone fromLondon?I'm looking for a good coffee house.Redux]

and hope you are suitably relieved.


Good grief! I was fooled by that sane-sounding headline and did’t investigate, since I’m not in London and no longer swill coffee.

Vic and Angela, what a story and picture that is.
Betcher didn’t know he’s such a manly brute, eh?
But he’s definitely met his match in that tussle.
Besides, the prize looks definitely to me like an HP PC.

Thank heavens that Fluff’s around to control him.


I can confirm that the dark side is encroaching on that squishy space between his ears. I have tried to reason with him but we can all imagine how that went. This may require direct intervention.