Can I print out onto index cards?

I was wondering if it’s at all possible to print out to index cards using scrivener?

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No, I’m afraid it is not currently possible to print to index cards, though you are not the first to ask. I may look into adding this feature in the future, although there are technical difficulties in the fact that a single index card in Scrivener only approximates a real-world index card. An index card in Scrivener can hold more text than a real-world one if you want it to, for instance.

You can print just titles and synopses of documents via Compile Draft to get a print-out of your outline, however,

To be honest, when I designed Scrivener, the idea was to get away from real corkboard and get it all into a digital environment, so it never occurred to me that anyone would want to go back in the other direction. :slight_smile:


Hi Keith
I can understand how wanting to print out to index cards can seem backwards, because it actually is.

However I still like having the tactile feel of the board in front of me. Mainly because it’s WAY bigger than my monitor, and makes it easier for others to see my train of thought.

In the meantime, I set up a template in Pages 06 that can print out to index cards. A simple copy and paste usually does the trick.


Hey Keith,

I think for massive projects such as video game scripts (which have many meandering story lines) and collaborating with a lot of writers, being able to print out the cards still works very well because of the very nature of everyone getting their hands in on things at the same time.

Even without the feature your software has been earth changing for me. This really would be massively helpful though.