Can I Put My Scrivener on Another Device?

Without paying for it again? I’m considering buying a Windows 2 and 1 tablet with keyboard, and I’d like to add Scrivener to it. But I can’t remember when I bought it if it told me what kind of license I was getting (i.e. for one device, two, etc.) and it doesn’t say on my receipt.

In short, yes. Details here.

yes as long as both computers are the same type (both PC or both Macs)

Thank you both! I’m using Scrivener now on an Acer Aspire laptop, and I’m looking to get its cousin, the Aspire Switch, which has Windows 8.1 as a companion. That way, I can leave my laptop in the living room when my husband goes to bed, just zip my current project up to Dropbox, download it to the tablet, and pick up right where I left off.

Not to mention, the tablet will be easier to carry with me on long car rides to St. Louis, something I’ll likely be doing every 4 months for several years until my cancer is considered “cured”! My husband doesn’t mind the driving, since I don’t drive much anymore.

I believe the number is six computers. More than most people have, I think :smiley:

Rooting for you and wishing you well.

Happy writing

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Markie luv,
The very best of the best of luck with your treatment.
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As long as the Aspire Switch is Intel based … if it’s not, it’ll be no-go.

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