Can I put non-Scrivener files into the Scrivener folder on iPad?

Since Scrivener makes its own folder within FIles, it seems that that should be respected. Is it ok to put other apps’ files into that Scrivener folder? And, can I direct Scrivener to put projects into folders of my own choosing?

Thank you!

Why do you want to do this?

It’s a mistake to think of the Files application as comparable to Finder on the Mac. The iOS file system isn’t nearly that flexible.

In particular, iOS Scrivener doesn’t know how to look outside of its designated area for files. If you put projects somewhere else, it won’t be able to find them. And if you put files from other applications there, Scrivener won’t be able to see or open them, even if they’re in a format that Scrivener otherwise supports.

Moreover, Dropbox is the only supported mechanism for synching between iOS Scrivener and a Mac or PC, and it’s completely independent of the Files app.


Not only what Katherine said, but those other applications won’t be able to access those files when they’re in Scrivener’s local file area. At best you’d constantly be having to use the Files app to move files back and forth.

In iOS, each application has its own storage area and it is generally locked into using just that storage area. Files is one mechanism for moving data around between those storage areas, although that is generally intended for a one-time sort of thing. Using Scrivener’s storage area this way doesn’t really solve any problems or provide any benefits…

Thank you…good to know.
My reason for wanting to do this is to keep all writing together, both Scrivener files and others I’ve made.

You can easily do that on the Mac: make a large “Writing” folder and create a “Scrivener” subfolder within it, then sync the Scrivener subfolder to iOS Scrivener. But iOS simply isn’t designed to accommodate organizing tools other than the individual applications.