Can I re-download Scrivener? Pretty Please?

I bought Scrivener over the internet. Now my macbook has crashed and
I may have to re-format or get a new hard drive.
Can I download the software again, as I just paid for it a few weeks ago?
I still have the receipt but I dont know if I have the product key.

Thanks for your help


miss l,
If you have a printed copy of your receipt, you should have the necessary info to hand for re down loading Scriv. Failing that the procedure is to email Keith and he`ll send you the key.

Dont fret yself. When Keith sees, your post he`ll set you straight :smiley:
Take care

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:
I’ll go dig up the that receipt.


As Vic says, if you don’t have the receipt or serial number, just e-mail me using the e-mail address you registered with (or just tell me that address and provide your postal address) and I’ll resend it to you. You can re-download the software from the product page.

All the best,