Can I Remove the Ruler in "Poetry" Template ?

I have started gathering some material that I want to incorporate into some songs… Scrivener is great for keeping all this ideas organized in folders and files.

I came up with the bright idea of using the built in “Poetry” template, which is much like the other templates with one curious difference.

Each new document I add in this template has a ruler at the top of the page. Not a big deal, really, but not something I actually need in this context, so I’d like to remove it.

Unfortunately, as the attached screen shot shows, the option to turn the ruler on or off is dimmed, like ruler “on” has been baked into this template.

Is there any way to turn this ruler off, short of starting over in a non-poetry template?


Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.13.33 AM.png

If you put your cursor in the file and then press CMD R, does the ruler disappear? (For the command to work, the editor itself must have focus; not the binder, inspector, etc)

Yup! It sure does!

Thanks for that tip!